1-year Food Supply For 1 Person

Costco has a reputation for offering us anything and everything we could ever need, in bulk, at low prices.  Enter their new solution to those worried about long-term food supply.  Costco now has a Self Reliance THRIVE™ 1-year supply of Dehydrated and Freeze-Dried food, available for $800.00.Colorful packaging. Great branding. But given the fact that this food is highly processed and likely contains additives & preservatives galore, a more apt name would be SURVIVE.  A year of freeze dried raspberries can never compare to eating the real thing.  Is it mere coincidence that THRIVE™ and SURVIVE rhyme?

If you expect nuclear apocalypse or foreign invasion, shoot down to your local Costco and stock up.  I, for one,  still have faith in humanity’s ability not to need to prepare for the worst. I choose to connect, rather than retreat. I choose my local farm.

By ekwetzel

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