A Belated 8 Month Blog Post

Little Miss Phoebe,

The moments cascade into each other like leaves rustling in a tree or the feathers on a swallow’s outstretched wings.

The way you carefully inch your way out of your rocking chair, holding ever-so-slightly onto my finger.

The way you take tiny gouging bites out of each clementine from the bowl I set on the floor.

The way your face lights up when you hear Papa shut the door and call out “Hello” from the other room; the way you race-crawl to him while crying out, in excitement, complaining that you can’t make it into his arms fast enough.

The thing that astonishes me about you is how complete you are becoming. You’re so fleshed out, like a character in a novel that has simply been given no lines (because you can’t speak, yet!). I always thought of babies as “half people”…little blank slates. But you’re changing my mind! You have opinions, a sense of humor, a sense of adventure, wonderment, compassion, adoration. Your cup is full. You brim over! I am so excited to see the person you are continually growing into.

The thing that astonishes me about being your Mama is the stamina I am building because of you. My body is stronger. My energy levels are heartier. And my ability to empathize and love has deepened and widened many times over. Motherhood is exhausting and challenging, like climbing a mountain, but in the end it takes me to such great heights.


Phoebe is such a happy, goofy baby. She loves being tossed up and down. She loves being held upside down, tickled & given raspberries.

Phoebe crawls throughout the house, exploring. Sometimes she’ll venture out and explore something in another room for a long time, all by herself. I love her independence. I love that she feels secure enough to try new things or to try things all by herself.

Phoebe had a fun first Christmas this year with all our local family. ^_^ I hope she remembers at least a little of it next year.

Phoebe loves to play with her Montessori sensory basket. It’s simply a basket filled with common items made from different materials in order to be engaging to her young, developing senses. Some things in her basket include: a transparent bag with a dried lavender sprig, a small coffee bag with coffee beans, a spice jar filled with barley, another spice jar filled with paper circles (from the punch hole), a pinecone, a stone, a wooden doll. There are 20-50 total items (sometimes I rotate things in or out). Most items are just common things from around the house.

I try to offer her the basket only after she’s rested because it is so stimulating. She often interacts with the items in new and inventive ways. Just the other day, she picked up this tea cup and kept putting other items into it, then dumping them out.

Oh, yes. And Phoebe’s little legs are getting strong! Not only is she crawling like a pro, she can hobble along adeptly with the aid of her walker wagon toy. She hasn’t figured our how to turn it yet, bur she has figured out how to look to Mama and Papa to help!

That’s my cutie pants. Excited for bath time. And growing up so fast it makes me catch my breath.


Dearest Phoebe,

You are the best thing about this year. Hands down. No competition. You put golden rings in my tree. You make our hearts soar.

Your Mama

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  1. Sherri Erickson December 30, 2011 at 5:48 pm #

    “Like climbing a mountain” is a great analogy. That is truly motherhood. The view from the peak is magnificent!