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Teach passion by modeling passion: guest post on Penelope Trunk’s blog

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I wrote this guest post a couple months ago for Penelope Trunk’s homeschooling blog.

You can tell when we’re broke, because that’s when I run my art sales. Last week, we needed gas and groceries. I set a discount for art prints and made what we needed in six hours. One time I slashed prices on commissions and made enough to pay the mortgage. (more…)

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Have You Seen My Cute Baby? (Also: my shop is open)

clementine wetzel

If you’ve been following my blog, you know that I took a break from my art business to have a baby. She’s here now! Her name is Clementine and we are head over heels bonkers for her.

It’s been almost two months since the birth. I’ve had some struggles with recovery and adjusting to postpartum life. And, even though I am not yet ready to tackle any commissions, I’m really excited to share my art with you. (more…)

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Etsy Shop Vacation & Babymoon

Babymoon Coming Soon!

erin 9 months pregnant

I am expecting a new baby any day now, so my etsy shop will be closed through the end of the year.

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You can also follow my instagram feed @ekwetzel for life updates and a sneak peek at new illustrations and portraits. (more…)

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