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On the Threshold of Fear

threshold fear

I never thought that I would be accepted as a vendor for Renegade Craft Fair in Seattle this winter. Renegade is huge. Their Instagram account alone has 139,000 followers. I had to put up my entire booth fee with my application, and all autumn I was making plans for what I would do with the money when they rejected me and I got my refund. (more…)

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((new portrait)) Laughing Stars


For years I searched for something;
then you found me.
I travel deep into your eyes,
my little laughing stars.
Those tiny ears and tiny toes
anchor these rusty bones.
You smack your lips,
and life rushes,
whispering, out of me;
surprised, I abandon my fears at the door.
I do not know how to sing,
but your name is my song.
You were my redemption all along. (more…)

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Stay Awhile

pumproomnook Cair_Paravel

Don’t ask me to save the world.
I burn my toast,
I forget my keys,
And I can’t keep a plant alive.

But I can do this.
I can sit here and breath.
I can feel your chest
Against mine.
With you at my breast,
I can fill your round little belly.

I know things ain’t perfect, but
Sweetie, let’s just stay awhile. (more…)

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My letter to Instagram

“Dear Instagram,

I cannot BELIEVE you disabled the account for wakeupslowly. Again. Her photos are beautiful & inspiring. And, more to the point, breastfeeding in public is a legal and protected right! Removing an account because some Instagram users complain only furthers misinformation and fosters an environment where Breastfeeding is vilified. Do the RIGHT thing. Do the GOOD thing. Protect Breastfeeding Mamas & resurrect wakeupslowly’s account from the instagrave.”

Blog readers! If this is something you care about, help me support Toni & write your own letter to Instagram! Just click here . It takes 5 minutes. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Just help Toni out.



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((new art)) Portait of a Nursing Mother

I finished a new commission for my friend, Cristy. Here are pictures of the artwork, a portrait of her and her daughter, Ziggy, as they are nursing. I find the breastfeeding relationship between a mother and her baby to be a strong and sweet bond, and it’s a pity something so instinctual has become charged with so much social drama. Breastfeeding is beautiful. And disarming. And strengthening. And I love it.
Medium: charcoal. To follow my art process and current projects, check out my tumblr feed:

^_^ Erin

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