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10 Commission Slots Now Available + New Storybook Portraits!

Making art out of significant events helps us remember the things that are most important to us, it helps us cling to threads of joy and hope.

Some moments in our lives are so rich that it can seem impossible to convey our feelings properly: leaving a home you’ve known for years, losing a cherished person, or the arrival of a new child. Moments like these are what my artwork can capture best. With ink and paint, I express what can otherwise seem inexpressible. (more…)

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Recent Portrait Commissions, July 2015

Here’s a little post, with a few portrait commissions that I’ve completed recently…

Newborn Family Portrait

This portrait was commissioned as a gift for the family featured, to celebrate the birth of their new boy, as well as commemorate the relationship the dog had with the boy after the dog’s passing. It is a compilation of three different photographs (they didn’t have a good photo of all four of them). I am particularly fond of the impressionistic field of grass, a detail the client specifically requested.

Photo Jul 15, 4 46 28 PM

Watercolor and Ink on 11 x 15 inch watercolor paper. (more…)

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Paint Away The Pain: On Hard Times and Creating Art

whimsical whimsy owl squirrel mouse fox mooseElune and I are discussing artwork and the creative process. She asks me: “Have you ever used art to paint your way out of your hardest times in life or your inner struggles?”

This past year, I addressed some painful issues: depression, financial insecurity, old wounds, and disillusionment with church leadership. These topics probably seem even heavier when juxtaposed against the lighthearted and fanciful style of my artwork. How does my life experience inform my artwork? How can someone who thinks about such dark things create such whimsical pieces?

I’m not sure I have an answer. (more…)

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((new portrait)) Facing My Fear of Painting

 Facing My Fear of Painting new watercolor and ink portrait
 I sit down to paint, and I am scared. This portrait is 15 x 22 inches. While watercolor artists regularly work with this size, this is the biggest portrait I’ve ever done.

I’m scared that the painting will suck.

I’m scared that I’ll screw up.

I’m probably not supposed to tell you I am scared. I’m probably supposed to be mysterious and aloof and confident. But I want to be true to myself, so I will tell you that, when I paint, a part of me is always scared.




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