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((new portrait)) You & Me & a Puppy Makes THREE

watercolor ink portrait glasses family puppy love

You & me & a puppy makes THREE! I enjoyed this fun family portrait of Lauren and her new little family.  The more I get the opportunity to paint animals, the more fun I have with it. This dog was no exception! As I worked on this painting, I kept thinking about my own life. When Matt and I were engaged and newlywed, everything was fresh and rosy. We chose a cat to have together, Scooter, and she embodied our bond. I imagine Lauren’s pup holds a similar place in her heart! (more…)

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((new portrait)) Beauty Grows In the Thick Of Things

I am a sublimation junkie.

Well, not technically. Let’s have a little tangent and unpack “sublimation” for a bit.

Psychologically speaking, sublimation is when you take something reprehensible and transform it into something acceptable. But that’s not what I mean. I get excited when I am presented with a situation that is painful, broken and sad, and out of the pain, something new and beautiful is born, like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

Philosophically, Kant’s theories about The Sublime portrayed it as something beyond the grasp of mortal man. Mortal man is too messy, too complicated. However, I disagree with Kant. I don’t believe our messy, mortal lives are something we need to overcome or despise for their limitations. I believe we, as people, are fully and truly exactly who we are meant to be…and that connection to The Divine can be discovered when we live more fully, more deeply, and more truly exactly right where we are. (more…)

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((new portrait)) “I Caught A Fish THIS BIG!”

finished 02

When our family friend, Audrey, contacted us about painting a special portrait for “Grandpa Joe,” I was honored. The gift would be presented to Grandpa Joe by Audrey and Joe Turco as a Father’s Day surprise. The plan was this: first they would give him an old fishing photo they found of Grandpa Joe and Joe, then they would give him the painting that the photo was based on. (more…)

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((new portrait)) A Narnia Portrait for Deena, evoking the Armor of God

Photo Jun 11, 6 58 23 PM

When Deena contacted me to commission a portrait of her kids, she wanted something that evoked “the armor of God” (Ephesians 6:10-18). I loved the idea of merging a portrait that captured this tender moment in her kids’ lives with the eternal hope of strength for their future.

Instead of painting something like the dozens of diagrams explaining the Armor of God that I’ve seen in Sunday school over the years, I wanted to find a way to capture the feeling of a warrior, while retaining the whimsy of childhood. (more…)

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((new portrait)) A Wedding Gift


I’d like to share with you my latest portrait, a gift for Jarred Ellis and  Julie Coburn, who were married on May 25th, 2014.

If you’re interested in giving one of my portraits as a gift, let me know! I can paint a portrait you have in mind, or I can create a gift certificate that the receiver can cash in for a portrait of their choice.

^_^ Erin

Here is the photograph that I worked from:

jay and julie

^_^ And Here is the finished painting:


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((new portrait)) Red Balloons For Ryan

red balloons for ryan

I cannot even fathom what it would be like to lose my daughter.

When I learned of Ryan’s Cruz’s sudden and unexpected death, I had no feelings. Blank. I stopped and realized that the loss parents Jacqui and Dan must be feeling, this loss, this pain, it was something I knew nothing about.

I did not click through a million links and posts, staring at the car wreck by the side of the social media road. I put down my phone, hugged my daughter. And I was grateful.

Then a friend approached me about donating a painting to an auction to help support Ryan’s family, and I was completely on board.

The high bidder was Shelley Lemaire, and her portrait is now complete. You can find her on instagram, or you can read her blog. I would like to share the finished portrait with you here.

Thank you Shelley for being a part of this auction.

And thank you Jenifer Walker for organizing the auction on instagram, which raised $14,115 to benefit Ryan’s family. I am amazed that the instagram community was able to come together to support a grieving family in this manner. In addition, over $60,00 has been donated to the family.

In preparation for writing this post, I read Jacqui’s latest post on her blog, Baby Boy Bakery.  Her openhearted healing and tender heart took me aback. I’m not going to lie; I started to tear up. I am touched by her hope.

I find hope in the generosity of everyday people. I find hope in the unwavering kindness of strangers. And I hope that the life and death of Ryan Cruz has opened up other’s eyes to the everyday tragedies and needs that are right in our backyard. Who do you know that is facing loss? Who do you know that has needs? That might need comfort?

Let us build compassion on compassion, like one brick after another, creating a haven of rest. Let us grow in gentle strength. Let us be strong with the Spirit of God.

^_^ Erin

This is the photograph Shelley asked me to paint:

shelley photo sunset silhouette

^_^ And here are close-ups of the painting:

kids silhouette on the sunsetkids silhouetted on the sunsetkids silhouetted on the sunset watercolor painting

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((new portrait)) The Church’s Homebirth

IMG_1817My latest portrait is now complete and in the hands of its lovely family. Chris Church is a sweet friend of mine, and her second son was born last year, at home, in a birthing tub.  I was honored when Chris asked me to paint a portrait of her family commemorating his birth. (Chris is a designer and editor; you can find her through her website:

There were no photographs with all four of them together, so I used two separate photos, and made slight tweaks to the placement of the subjects in order to tie the overall image together. While I often choose to go heavy on black ink outlines and shadows, I opted for a softer execution on this painting, given the tender moment and watery atmosphere. (more…)

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New artwork: fruit & veggies for the kitchen

My friend, Cedar, posted this adorable picture of her daughter wearing a hat & cowl that Cedar just made her. I swooned.

Then I asked her if she’d be interested in a trade: knittery for artwork. Much to my glee, she accepted! We’ll give Phoebe a set like this for christmas, in red & grey, knit by Cedar. I’m THRILLED.

Check out Cedar’s blog here: … It’s awesome.

For Cedar’s painting I did a watercolor om 11 x 15 inch 140 lb cold press watercolor paper. The painting is for her kitchen, and features a yummy rainbow of veggies and fruit, several of which are heirloom varieties: beet, sungold tomatoes, lemon, avocado, blue potato, and purple carrot.

Without further ado:

By Erin

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