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Phoebe’s Work: how we pay our preschooler for extra chores

phoebe's worksheet and calico critters

Phoebe is a hard worker.

There are some things Phoebe is expected to do for the joy of helping, or because she is a member of our family. Things like…

  • brushing teeth
  • cleaning up her room before bed
  • feeding Scooter
  • putting a toy away

Phoebe also has the opportunity to work. We used to try paying her with change, but money is a concept she is still learning to grasp, so a coin was never a big enough incentive for her. (more…)

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Ordinary Storytelling

Tea time with Phoebe

We trade stories over tea.

“Mama, tell me a story.”

“Ok. Do you have a request?”

She thinks. “Tell: ‘Little Baby Phoebe and Scooter’ story.”


Once upon a time there was a little baby. She lived in her Mama’s belly and grew bigger and bigger. Mama’s belly grew bigger and bigger, too! And Scooter, the cat, loved to sit on Mama’s big belly. (more…)

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