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KidLit4Climate Climate Strike Campaign

I’m a children’s illustrator and I illustrated my Clemmy and Phoebe foxes to join in the kidlit4climate campaign. I stand with the young people striking for urgent climate change!

Raising awareness is just one small step in the direction of change, and no step is too small. If you’d like to take part with your own expression of creativity, but you feel limited by an inability to draw, I created a free coloring sheet. You can download the KidLit4Climate coloring sheet on my Patreon and post your own colored version to instagram along with hundreds of others from around the world to take part in displaying your support for kids against climate change. (more…)

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My letter to Instagram

“Dear Instagram,

I cannot BELIEVE you disabled the account for wakeupslowly. Again. Her photos are beautiful & inspiring. And, more to the point, breastfeeding in public is a legal and protected right! Removing an account because some Instagram users complain only furthers misinformation and fosters an environment where Breastfeeding is vilified. Do the RIGHT thing. Do the GOOD thing. Protect Breastfeeding Mamas & resurrect wakeupslowly’s account from the instagrave.”

Blog readers! If this is something you care about, help me support Toni & write your own letter to Instagram! Just click here . It takes 5 minutes. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Just help Toni out.



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