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A Year In The Life

Today is Phoebe’s birthday. She is three years old.

In commemoration, I chose to feature one photo for each month of her life as a two-year-old. Of course, these photos don’t contain every nuance of her year (how could they??)…but I hope they represent a bit of her personality, her spirit and her growth.

^_^ Erin

Phoebe April 2013Phoebe May 2013Phoebe June 2013Phoebe July 2013Phoebe August 2013Phoebe September 2013Phoebe October 2013Phoebe November 2013Phoebe December 2013Phoebe January 2014Phoebe February 2014Phoebe March 2014Phoebe April 2014

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Owen Beach (April 2014)

owen beach pink

On the rocky shores of Owen Beach,
where the pebbles rattle in the waves,
where the surf is dark and foamy white,
she hugged my knees, afraid.

She asked to go; I asked to stay.
She sat awhile on my lap and found
five shells, a nugget of glass.
We gathered sticks, searched for wrens,

and, with a start,
she ran to the tide
to splash in the evening sound. (more…)

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Amberly & Chris in Wright Park: Family Maternity Session

I recently shot my first photo session. Ever. I webt to Wright Park in Tacoma, WA, with my dear friend, Amberly, and her beautiful blended family: her son, her partner, Chris, and his two kids. The sixth member of their family is due any day now!
For the family session, I shot with an old school SLR camera, but supplemented with my iPhone 4S. Here are my favorites from the iPhone photos (I have yet to get the developped film back). By Erin

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Phoebe Turns Two

I’m filled with joy. I’m filled with sadness when I think of time passing. I’m so happy; Matt and Phoebe fill me up in ways I could have never dreamed. I want to always be this happy. And part of being happy, I think, is not trying to hold onto happiness like a Thing, but to let go and let life pass through you. And sometimes you’ll be sad. And that’s ok. And it will pass. And sometimes you’ll be over the moon. And that’s ok. And it’s ok when it passes. But the JOY comes not from any one innocuous moment or feeling, but from Being OK no matter what comes to pass. So. On this birthday. I remind myself: there are joys unknown yet to come. And all thing that come must pass. And JOY lives eternal.

Birthday breakfast.

Lunch at Phoebe’s favorite spot: Shakbrah Java.

Juggler & painter & acrobats in the park!

She picked out a bouquet. Yellow roses? Girl’s got CLASS.

Impromptu mini party with family & close friends!

“How old are you Phoebe?”

By Erin

PS: Yes. We had a zillion outfit changes. ^_^ It was a messy day. Lol.

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The joy of my heart

I find myself caught up in adorable moments, full of laughter and silliness; suddenly I realize my mind isn’t deep enough to bottle up each nuance of glee. Oh. There is so much happiness. And it passes through my fingers like water. And I know I shouldn’t try to capture it…I should embrace it and set it free. But that’s hard to do, because sometimes I’m so happy it makes me sad…sad because I wonder if I’ll ever be this happy again. ^_^ The Greater Truth is that we experience slices of heaven on earth, and there is fullness of joy to be found in God. My heart opens and closes, like a baby’s eyes open and close while waking from a dream. I still have fears to overcome, and my faith muscle still has growing to do. But…in the meantime…I’m grateful for these moments. My day is punctuated by smiles. And in this I find peace.By Erin

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Outing after a Sick Week

I’ve been sick and stuck indoors for a week, so it was nice to get out and stretch my legs with my little lady today.

She carried this calico critter around in her pocket all day.

We made some new friends at the beach. They had a dog. Love this dog.

By Erin

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