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Dahlias and Pie

It’s been one of those days, filled with sunshine and sweet family moments, that I’d like to bottle up and savor for years to come. We woke early and made a pie to share with friends. Then we left for church; Phoebe fell asleep 1 minute from the building, so we downloaded a sermon to listen to in the car and hit HWY 16. We drove West until the highway ended in Gorst, turned around and headed back to Tacoma, through the September foliage and Washington evergreens. On the way back home, we detoured at Point Defiance Park, shared a sandwich at the duck pond, and explored the flower gardens. A lovely day.

PART ONE: Lemon Meringue Pie, made from scratch

pie crust from scratch little handstoddler helper pie crust baking rolling pintoddler helper pie crust baking rolling pinpie crust piecesmmm pie crustempty prepared pie crust from scratchjuicing meyer lemonslicking the pot cleanlicking the pot cleanlicking the pot cleanBetter Homes and Gardens traditional pie recipewaiting at the oven for the pie to bakeperfect lemon mereinge pie. bam. meringue lemon zest as sprinkles in the meringue piemessy slice of pie

PART TWO: Dahlias in the Park

(For the record, we didn’t pick any of the dahlias at Point Defiance Park, today. But there was one on the ground, already severed from the stem; this is the one Phoebe is holding in the pictures, and afterwards, we placed it back on the curb of the flower plot.)

riding on mama's shouldersballoons in the the September sunat the picnic table with papaPhoebe in the dahlias at Point Defiance ParkPhoebe in the dahlias at Point Defiance Parkslouchy babylegs leg warmerscaterpillar caterpilar septemberhugging under the rose trellis

^_^ Erin Wetzel

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Scenes from Phoebe’s first birthday

Good morning, Phoebe!


Breakfast & first taste of sugar.

Shy baby during her birthday song.

The moment she turned one year old…was perfect.

Decorations for the party.

A year in the life

Lots of photos!

Guests brought notes for Phoebe that we hung up. I requested that people write one of the following:
– A memory from the last year
– A favorite thing about Phoebe
– A wish for the coming year
I will work these into an album for Phoebe, along with the photos from the day.

My friend, Stacy, took photos during the party so that we could just enjoy ourselves. Thanks Stacy!! You can check out her photography on Facebook: Fox and Wagon photography.

Pooped out party girl ^_^

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Phoebe and the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

It was a gorgeous day: Phoebe’s last day as an infant! Saturday is her first birthday! So, what better way to spend her last day of infancy than at the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival?! We drove up with my mom, my sister and my mother-in-law. Here are some scenes from the day. (I took way too many pictures. Apologies for the lack of curation)…

Me, Phoebe and my mom

My sister and my mom are both visiting for Phoebe’s birthday 🙂 Such a treat!

Phoebe had a blast touching the flowers. She was very gentle (for the most part). She’d touch the petals, reel back and smile or start talking to the sky. She was overjoyed at the tulip fields.

My mother-in-law was with us, as well. Can you tell where Phoebe gets her curly hair from?!

I love this beautiful picture of my sister and my 21-week-old niece who is in her womb.

Phoebe got a little overwhelmed.

But we let her get back to the tulips, and all was made right with the world.

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Sunshine and Sabbath

The morning started off nice and lazy. Phoebe and Matt slept in while I perused an old chapbook and drank a cup of tea.

Before long, I had company.

We headed out to church. We were late, which happens a lot with the little one in tow. But we enjoyed the community…even if we missed the beginning of the sermon.

It was a bright day for this little one. And Mama was warm enough to wear sandals!

After church, we drove to Point Defiance Park and had a picnic off of the 5 mile drive.

It was a lovely way to spend a Sunday, leaving the long list of chores at home, and basking in the cool March sun.

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Phoebe’s First Christmas

She awoke early, ready to tackle the day. The morning was still black outside. And the tree glowed colorful and quaint in the living room.

We laid her gifts out, unwrapped, to make it easier to identify & explore them. And also because I didn’t want to spend a ton of energy fishing wrapping paper out of her mouth. 🙂

Mama & Papa helped with the new instruments.

Only a few minutes into Christmas, and she already started to get overwhelmed by all the new things. Precious little baby.

After a little infant pottying (we do “elimination communication” with Phoebe), it was nekkid baby time! So much easier to explore the world without jammies in the way.

Hey, Mom! What’s going on???

The crinkly wrapping paper from Aunt Sara & Uncle David was a real favorite.

We put some clothes back on her, and it was time to enjoy the stockings. Phoebe was enthralled with her stocking stuffers: a stone giraffe & a fabric mirror, both from World Market.

Some happy family snuggles on the couch.

Excitedly flailing her arms up & down is Phoebe’s seal of approval.

After awhile, we moved into the nursery, a more familiar and calming environment. And we brought one toy: the new ragdoll Mama made out of a sock. It has button eyes and arms, and a bushy head of orange yarn.

These arms are great for teething!

Relaxing now with Mama & Papa. Out first naptime will be soon. ^_^ Overall, an exciting and heartwarming morning.

(We spent very little money on Christmas, and had just the right amount of stuff for an exciting morning. The doll was made with craft scraps. The World Market stocking stuffers were bought with a gift card & “$10 off total purchase” coupon. And the three Melissa & Doug toys were also bargains: the Shape Sorting Cube we bought at a “Borders Going Out Of Business” sale with store credit; the Stack & Sort Board is from, purchased entirely with a promo credit; and the Band Set we got from, on sale, and discounted further with promo credit from making previous purchases. Overall expenses under $20!)

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Christmas Eve with Phoebe (Just some pictures!)

We invited all our local family over for Christmas Eve…plus a few friends!

Phoebe had a nice nap right before company arrived.

She enjoyed being passed around to GG, Grammy & Grampy & any other family member with outstretched arms.

Mostly, though, our little 8 month old found it overwhelming to have so many people in her house, so she stuck close to Mama & Papa.

There were presents. But the best part of all the gift giving was: the ribbon!

I love our little girl. And I love being her Santa. I can’t wait till the morning when she discovers the treasures that await under the tree!

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