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Video: How to paint with kids: Tinkering!

We’re Back!

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a video about my art projects with the girls, but we’ve been busy behind the scenes. Take a look at our latest creative obsession: tinkering! And–if you make any tinkering creations with your kids–send me pictures so I can share them with the girls! (more…)

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Video: How To Paint With Kids, Episode 2

Plan vs Free Form

In this week’s video we answer the following question from Clair:

I would just love to know if you guys have a general idea of what you are going to do or whether you just free form it. We tend to do a theme…like a city or mountains, and then we wing it from there but I’m curious to see how others do it!

Pull your kiddo up into your lap, watch the video, and join us as we make art together!


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Dolphins in the Sea, a Fred Neil cover

ekwetzel home pictures artwork

When I was eight years old, my brother, Ed, taught me my first song on guitar. I used a cheap little instrument that was missing the high E string. I sat in front of him, stretching my fingers, mimicking his every move. The song was Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd. I’d play the background melody, and he would play the bridge, and then our guitars would come together on the chords for each verse.


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Sticky Hands, a new song by Miss Phoebe

sticky hands
I play guitar. Phoebe sings silly songs. Sometimes she makes up her own. That’s all in a typical day for us.

My friend, Joy, challenged me. “You need to record your songs!” she said, “They are amazing! You need to save them!”

I never felt the urgency of saving these moments before.

Donny (Joy’s husband) caught my attention in the kitchen, “Your voice reminds me of grandma Beth. I never realized until later in life how much I loved to hear her sing.”

I knew my songs were special to Phoebe, but I never thought about how important they might one day become to her, once she is grown up.

Later, chatting on the couch, Joy shared with me, “My mom used to sing and play guitar.  Then she stopped playing. When she grew older, she picked up her guitar to play the same songs, but her voice had changed.”

I never thought about capturing my music before I change, and it changes with me.


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