Chapter 2 of Calico Jill and the Search For Cheese is HERE!

Meet Rita Racoon

In Chapter 2, Calico Jill meets a new character, Rita Racoon! Rita owns a local shop where she recycles and reuses things other people would have thrown away. She has a bit of a cantankerous attitude, but she is fond of peppy little Calico Jill nonetheless, and helps her on her treasure hunt.

Here are a few more Facts About Rita Racoon:

  • When Rita was a young kit, she moved into the city from a more rural area along with her little sister, Hershey, and their mom.
  • Rita’s idea of the perfect summer’s day was reading a book, undisturbed, in the shade.
  • Hershey’s idea of the perfect summer’s day was interrupting Rita’s peace and quiet to get her to take her to the community pool.
  • Rita’s best friend is Max Badger.
  • Max and Rita enjoy playing trivia games together.
  • When Rita gets particularly interesting things in her reuse shop, she will call up Max and they will tinker with the treasures together.
  • Rita’s favorite kind of ice cream is buttered pecan.

Pick up a copy of the story, and see what happens with Calico Jill and Rita for yourself!

Pick Up Locations

Last month the story of Calico Jill and the Search for Cheese had an amazing reception! We started off the month with this little zine in one small shop in downtown Tacoma. By the end of the month, over 200 copies of the zine were distributed. We also added three new pick up locations, including one out of state!

This story was always intended to bring local communities together by giving them another reason to regularly visit local small businesses. I am really hoping to add more pickup locations this month so that more people can participate in Calico Jill’s adventure together.

Chapter 2 is now LIVE and you can pick up your FREE copy of the zine at any of the following locations:


Odds & Ends Emporium, Colorado Springs


King’s Books, Tacoma

Teaching Toys and Books, Tacoma

Tinkertopia, Tacoma

As I partner with more mom and pop shops, I will update the list on my site here, so check back there regularly for updates.


Here are answers to some questions about Calico Jill’s story:

“Will you sell the zines online?” No. I will not be selling and mailing out physical copies of the zine.

“There is not a pick up location close to me. What should I do?” Let me know where you live, and we can look into a good local pick up location together! If you have a recommendation for a small business that you think would work well, you can ask me to reach out to them, or we can research local shops together. Just comment on this blog post to get the conversation started.

“I’m a small business owner. How can my shop become a pickup location?” Email me at and tell me about your shop! Let’s see if we are a good fit for each other!

“When do new chapters come out?” New chapters release on the first of the month. There are 6 total chapters to the story, and the last one will be released in September 2023.

“Can I download the zine and print it for myself?” Yes! I have a download on my Patreon, at the $5 tier. You are welcome to print multiple copies of the zine. Share it with whomever you like!

“I saw on Instagram that you leave copies of the zine in grocery stores for people to find. Can I do this, too?” Sure! I’d love that! You can get a copy of the monthly printable on my Patreon. If you share any photos or videos, tag me on instagram @darlingillustrations. I’d love to see it!

“How hard is it to print and assemble the zine?” It’s not hard at all. You can make copies on any home printer, and it prints in black and white on ordinary printer paper.

Do you have a question that isn’t covered here? Ask below in the comments! And thanks for being a part of Calico Jill’s adventure with me!

If you like the words that I write or the art that I paint and you want me to create more, please support me on Patreon. Thank you.

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