Google Maps GPS Tracking Still Works on my iPhone, even without a cell plan or data coverage

When I decided to cancel my cell phone contract and use my iPhone solely as a device, I knew I’d have to rely on apps to call and text people.

One of the things I would miss about my AT&T coverage is the ability to use google maps to find my way, especially if I got turned around while headed somewhere new.

I knew I could look upmy route on wifi and take screen shots of if. Easy peasy.

I checked out several apps that allowed me to download maps, much like carrying a Rand McNally atlas in my car. These apps were cumbersome, costly and not nearly as intuitive as Google maps.

Imaginemy surprise when I accidentally openned Google Maps one day, and saw a blue dot for my location!I checked. I was not on wifi.

I had no cell coverege or data coverage.

Google GPS was tracking me! I tried zooming in, and I could see major street names. Smaller streets were unmarked, but the larger streets are enough to help me find my way.

And then, when I started moving, the blue dot moved with me! Google maps was tracking my location in real time!

I don’t know how or why my google maps GPS still works, but I love it! Thanks, Google, for being awesome!


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