((new portrait)) Laughing Stars


For years I searched for something;
then you found me.
I travel deep into your eyes,
my little laughing stars.
Those tiny ears and tiny toes
anchor these rusty bones.
You smack your lips,
and life rushes,
whispering, out of me;
surprised, I abandon my fears at the door.
I do not know how to sing,
but your name is my song.
You were my redemption all along.

By Erin Wetzel
© 2014 ekwetzel. All Rights Reserved.

Check out more nursing portraits over at my project: THE PUMP ROOM NOOK

(Thank you Erica for letting me use your photo as inspiration for this painting. You can connect with Erica on Instagram OR on facebook)

breastfeeding watercolor portraitbreastfeeding watercolor portrait

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