Mr. Wetzel

mrwetzel matthew wetzelUpon venturing into the great blogging frontier, I saw that others referenced their husbands in different ways. One blogger used “DH” (I thought they were his initials at first, but I now realize it stands for “Dear Husband”). Another referred to her husband by his first name. Some, when tweeting, will @tag their spouses. And I wondered, “How do I want to refer to my husband?”

I wanted to be consistent and not switch willy nilly between initials, nomenclatures, first name and twitter id. And, in a flash of humor and brilliance, I decided upon “Mr. Wetzel.” On the blog, I use Mr. Wetzel in full, and on twitter I use “MrW.”

Although there are practical reasons for this choice (i.e. It’s obvious I’m referring to my husband as opposed to a random “Matt” in my life), the primary reason I chose the tag-line is because it’s goofy. Matt and I don’t have a formal and stoic relationship, and referring to him as “Mr. Wetzel” seems a little fun-loving to me. Like the way you feel when you are first married and call each other “Mr.” and “Mrs.” Then giggle because your new-found life together is so fresh and fun.

Oh, and there is one more reason for using “Mr. Wetzel.” Matthew’s initials are actually MRW (his middle name is Ray). Especially when on twitter (where I simply use MrW), my formal blog name for him has a double-entendre as his literal name. MrW; Mr. Wetzel; Matthew; Dear Husband…whatever I call you, I’m glad the thought of you still makes me smile. And I’m happy to be your wife!

By ekwetzel

2 Responses to Mr. Wetzel

  1. Joni February 23, 2011 at 7:39 am #

    I call my DH The Man. He is , after all, the man. He work for eBay as a web developer so I wished I could call him something snazzy like eBay Man but that sounds stupid.

    Also his name is Matt too. And he has stunning blue eyes. Oh boy are they something.

    Ahem. Sorry, off track.

    Whenever I see you write Mr Wetzel I think of that song Mr Wendal by Arrested Development. You may not know that song because it came out in 1992. But in 1992 I was in college. So *sigh*.

    Carry on. 🙂

  2. Sherri Erickson February 25, 2011 at 1:06 pm #

    “Fresh and Fun” is exactly the way I would describe the 2 of you.
    Love ya 🙂