New artwork: fruit & veggies for the kitchen

My friend, Cedar, posted this adorable picture of her daughter wearing a hat & cowl that Cedar just made her. I swooned.

Then I asked her if she’d be interested in a trade: knittery for artwork. Much to my glee, she accepted! We’ll give Phoebe a set like this for christmas, in red & grey, knit by Cedar. I’m THRILLED.

Check out Cedar’s blog here: … It’s awesome.

For Cedar’s painting I did a watercolor om 11 x 15 inch 140 lb cold press watercolor paper. The painting is for her kitchen, and features a yummy rainbow of veggies and fruit, several of which are heirloom varieties: beet, sungold tomatoes, lemon, avocado, blue potato, and purple carrot.

Without further ado:

By Erin

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