((new portrait)) Stacey Roosevelt’s Family

Photo Jun 15, 3 35 29 PM

Stacey came to me with a family photo of her daughter’s family, taken as Stacey’s granddaughter was nearing her first birthday.


Moments like this are what I find exhilarating about my work: I am invited to share in this memory with Stacey’s family. Her granddaughter will only be this age once. Time passes quickly, with each coming moment, and when I have the privilege of painting a portrait, I have the opportunity to become a part of a family’s memories and feelings and nostalgia, even if only in a small way. THIS is why I love portraiture: because it tells us something about ourselves, about our stories and our past, but I also get the opportunity to dance with colors and lines and merge a bit of my imagination and vision with the memories of my subjects. It’s exhilarating.

^_^ Erin

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