((new portrait)) Down By The Wharves

melbourn australia waterfront wharf wharves watercolor
Down by the wharves,
where the fishermen dock
and the seagulls fight over dregs,
there you will find me:
the glorious end of the day.
Huddle close. The night is cold,
but the dusk is so lovely.
Let’s stay.

by Erin Wetzel
© 2014 ekwetzel. All Rights Reserved.


When Sarah asked me to paint this portrait, she requested a fully painted scene. She said, “I love the backgrounds in your art.” I was floored. I was flattered. And I was intimidated. I feel like I have barely painted any scenes. Even so, the challenge exhilarated me.

I loved all the little details in her photograph. I loved the birds, and the fishermen in the background, and the clustered masts of boats disappearing into the dusk. I knew this portrait would require a delicate balance between including some details and omitting others. I knew the blended colors of the sky and the sea would challenge me.

I am proud of how it turned out.

This portrait pushed me to tackle an area in which I feel inexperienced, and the finished painting is exactly how I imagined it would be.

It’s wild to me how much people believe in my art. When you believe in me and invite me into your life, when creativity flows out of me and captures your memories, in these moments I feel like I become more than I am. My dreams feel more tangible. I am more willing to believe: maybe I can truly make it as an artist, after all.

Thank you.


Final painting measures 11 x 15 inches. Watercolor and ink on watercolor paper.

Are you interested in commissioning a painting? Check out this page for general information on getting started, and feel free to email me with any questions!

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