Ordinary Storytelling

Tea time with Phoebe

We trade stories over tea.

“Mama, tell me a story.”

“Ok. Do you have a request?”

She thinks. “Tell: ‘Little Baby Phoebe and Scooter’ story.”


Once upon a time there was a little baby. She lived in her Mama’s belly and grew bigger and bigger. Mama’s belly grew bigger and bigger, too! And Scooter, the cat, loved to sit on Mama’s big belly.

One day it was time for the baby to be born. So Mama and Papa went to the Birthing Inn. And out came baby Phoebe!

When Mama and Papa brought little baby Phoebe home, do you know what Scooter did? She ran away! Wherever Phoebe was in the house, Scooter always stayed on the opposite side of the house!

…Now isn’t that silly?”

She furrows her brow. “Why?…Why?…Why Scooter run away??”

“Scooter was nervous. She knew you were important, but she didn’t know what to do about you, yet! Way back then, Scooter had never seen a little baby before.” I sip my tea. I take a bite of toast.

“Mama, tell another story.”

“No. It’s your turn.”


Once upon a time there was a cat. Her name called Scooter! Scooter chase the birds. She have wings. She fly in the trees and catch all of the birds. Good job, Scooter!

…The End!”

^_^ Erin

Phoebe and Scooter

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