Phoebe’s Play Kitchen – Cute, Easy & Cheap

These days Phoebe loves exploring the cabinets and drawers whenever she’s in the kitchen, so I thought I’d make a little kitchen spot of her own. Last night I threw it together out of toys and supplies we had lying around the house, and this morning she discovered it right as I was starting to wash the breakfast dishes. Perfect timing!

I snapped this photo from around the corner, so as not to disturb her.

Since the kitchen set was so easy and cheap to put together, I thought I’d share it with you. My main thoughts going into it were:
– Include different materials & textures
– Include real kitchen items that she already likes taking out to play with
– Set up the items so she can explore putting things inside other things and taking them out again (she’s really enjoyed this concept lately)

So, here’s a tour of my little DIY kitchen for Phoebe:

This wooden range, a gift from a friend who found it while thrifting, has been sitting in the garage waiting for Phoebe to get old enough to play with it.

A Clementines box is repurposed as the main “drawer” or container for her “kitchen supplies.”

The kitchen supplies are mostly repurposed empty containers. I like putting real objects in the empty containers to create more interest, as well as a pleasing “rattle” sound. From the left: a yogurt container with orange peels, baking powder tin with popcorn kernels, a mason jar with loose tea leaves, glass bottle with barley, empty tea box, spice jar filled with red lentils.

Phoebe loves putting the lid on this pot as well as switching up the contents. Mostly she dumps them out, but lately she’s started putting things back inside, as well.

Some fabric food from IKEA and a couple kitchen containers.

A small bag, an ice tray and an old wooden spoon.

Lastly, a little art to give the kitchen a homey feel.

Enjoy your play, my little buddy!

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