Recent Work

Erin Darling is a storyteller and illustrator who works in watercolor and ink. Themes of community and inclusivity are important in her work.

Her latest project is Calico Jill and the Search for Cheese, a serialized story in zine format about a mouse pirate who navigates an urban landscape in search of food while making friends along the way. You can access the full story on Patreon.

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Past Illustration Projects

Coco and Olive: The Color of Love, by Michelle Madrid-Branch, illustrated by Erin Darling

Deer Ears, Instead of Lying, album art

“100 days of invisible selves” which illustrated the human soul in abstract watercolors.

Joshua Collins for Congress campaign art (WA-10)

Beewilderness puzzle designs, planetary series. (Image by Paul Benson)

Here are some favorite pieces from 2018 & 2019…

Happy Birthday

Affectionate Animal Couples

You’re How I Roll

You’re Purrfect

You’re Ribbiting

Home Is Wherever I’m With You

I Love You Oce-Lot

I Cant Bear To Be Without You

My Otter Half


Stop and Smell The Flowers

Queer Cats