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Ordinary Storytelling

Tea time with Phoebe

We trade stories over tea.

“Mama, tell me a story.”

“Ok. Do you have a request?”

She thinks. “Tell: ‘Little Baby Phoebe and Scooter’ story.”


Once upon a time there was a little baby. She lived in her Mama’s belly and grew bigger and bigger. Mama’s belly grew bigger and bigger, too! And Scooter, the cat, loved to sit on Mama’s big belly. (more…)

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A Year In The Life

Today is Phoebe’s birthday. She is three years old.

In commemoration, I chose to feature one photo for each month of her life as a two-year-old. Of course, these photos don’t contain every nuance of her year (how could they??)…but I hope they represent a bit of her personality, her spirit and her growth.

^_^ Erin

Phoebe April 2013Phoebe May 2013Phoebe June 2013Phoebe July 2013Phoebe August 2013Phoebe September 2013Phoebe October 2013Phoebe November 2013Phoebe December 2013Phoebe January 2014Phoebe February 2014Phoebe March 2014Phoebe April 2014

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Meadowwood Farm in January

We took a trip today to Meadowwood Farm to buy some raw milk, but they were all out. So we visited the animals, instead.

Photos taken with my iPhone 4S.
Edited with the app “fotor, photo effect studio,” using the “Warm Green” filter.


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December 20th: Baking, Friends & Movies

It was a full day…

Our babysitter, Allex, whom Phoebe loves.

We used this peanut bitter cookie recipe, with the suggestion in the comments to combine white, brown & powdered sugars.

(We went out to see reindeer with Stacy & Scout, but I didn’t get a picture of them because shy Phoebe was on my shoulders the whole time.)

The day wasn’t over yet! We came home and had a special after dinner treat: cookies & another Christmas movie!



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Dahlias and Pie

It’s been one of those days, filled with sunshine and sweet family moments, that I’d like to bottle up and savor for years to come. We woke early and made a pie to share with friends. Then we left for church; Phoebe fell asleep 1 minute from the building, so we downloaded a sermon to listen to in the car and hit HWY 16. We drove West until the highway ended in Gorst, turned around and headed back to Tacoma, through the September foliage and Washington evergreens. On the way back home, we detoured at Point Defiance Park, shared a sandwich at the duck pond, and explored the flower gardens. A lovely day.

PART ONE: Lemon Meringue Pie, made from scratch

pie crust from scratch little handstoddler helper pie crust baking rolling pintoddler helper pie crust baking rolling pinpie crust piecesmmm pie crustempty prepared pie crust from scratchjuicing meyer lemonslicking the pot cleanlicking the pot cleanlicking the pot cleanBetter Homes and Gardens traditional pie recipewaiting at the oven for the pie to bakeperfect lemon mereinge pie. bam. meringue lemon zest as sprinkles in the meringue piemessy slice of pie

PART TWO: Dahlias in the Park

(For the record, we didn’t pick any of the dahlias at Point Defiance Park, today. But there was one on the ground, already severed from the stem; this is the one Phoebe is holding in the pictures, and afterwards, we placed it back on the curb of the flower plot.)

riding on mama's shouldersballoons in the the September sunat the picnic table with papaPhoebe in the dahlias at Point Defiance ParkPhoebe in the dahlias at Point Defiance Parkslouchy babylegs leg warmerscaterpillar caterpilar septemberhugging under the rose trellis

^_^ Erin Wetzel

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