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Paint Away The Pain: On Hard Times and Creating Art

whimsical whimsy owl squirrel mouse fox mooseElune and I are discussing artwork and the creative process. She asks me: “Have you ever used art to paint your way out of your hardest times in life or your inner struggles?”

This past year, I addressed some painful issues: depression, financial insecurity, old wounds, and disillusionment with church leadership. These topics probably seem even heavier when juxtaposed against the lighthearted and fanciful style of my artwork. How does my life experience inform my artwork? How can someone who thinks about such dark things create such whimsical pieces?

I’m not sure I have an answer. (more…)

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Oh Deer! Free Download and Holiday Sale!

oh deer watercolor print ekwetzel free download

I want to take this moment to give something back.

I went through a lot of trials this last season, a lot of little things, one after another, piling up on each other. I felt like I was drowning.

So I shared my struggles. And I was astonished.

So many people rallied around my family with support and encouragement, and so many others contacted me, sharing their own struggles, and telling me they found hope in knowing they were not alone. (more…)

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((new portrait)) Breadcrumbs of Hope

watercolor ink portrait cancer fight breadcrumbs of encouragement

Marianne is fighting the fight of her life. Her sweet baby boy has cancer.

Hugo was diagnosed with cancer just days after his first birthday, and a tumor was found on his kidney. There is a lot of hope in Hugo’s story, but his ongoing battle remains a difficult trial for his family to endure.

I knew I had to do something.

So I asked Marianne for a few photos, and I used one of them to create this painting. (more…)

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((new portrait)) Facing My Fear of Painting

 Facing My Fear of Painting new watercolor and ink portrait
 I sit down to paint, and I am scared. This portrait is 15 x 22 inches. While watercolor artists regularly work with this size, this is the biggest portrait I’ve ever done.

I’m scared that the painting will suck.

I’m scared that I’ll screw up.

I’m probably not supposed to tell you I am scared. I’m probably supposed to be mysterious and aloof and confident. But I want to be true to myself, so I will tell you that, when I paint, a part of me is always scared.




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((new portrait)) You & Me & a Puppy Makes THREE

watercolor ink portrait glasses family puppy love

You & me & a puppy makes THREE! I enjoyed this fun family portrait of Lauren and her new little family.  The more I get the opportunity to paint animals, the more fun I have with it. This dog was no exception! As I worked on this painting, I kept thinking about my own life. When Matt and I were engaged and newlywed, everything was fresh and rosy. We chose a cat to have together, Scooter, and she embodied our bond. I imagine Lauren’s pup holds a similar place in her heart! (more…)

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((new portrait)) Beauty Grows In the Thick Of Things

I am a sublimation junkie.

Well, not technically. Let’s have a little tangent and unpack “sublimation” for a bit.

Psychologically speaking, sublimation is when you take something reprehensible and transform it into something acceptable. But that’s not what I mean. I get excited when I am presented with a situation that is painful, broken and sad, and out of the pain, something new and beautiful is born, like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

Philosophically, Kant’s theories about The Sublime portrayed it as something beyond the grasp of mortal man. Mortal man is too messy, too complicated. However, I disagree with Kant. I don’t believe our messy, mortal lives are something we need to overcome or despise for their limitations. I believe we, as people, are fully and truly exactly who we are meant to be…and that connection to The Divine can be discovered when we live more fully, more deeply, and more truly exactly right where we are. (more…)

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((new portrait)) “I Caught A Fish THIS BIG!”

finished 02

When our family friend, Audrey, contacted us about painting a special portrait for “Grandpa Joe,” I was honored. The gift would be presented to Grandpa Joe by Audrey and Joe Turco as a Father’s Day surprise. The plan was this: first they would give him an old fishing photo they found of Grandpa Joe and Joe, then they would give him the painting that the photo was based on. (more…)

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