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At Home with My Little Extrovert

bingoPhoebe is an extrovert. I am an introvert. It’s complicated, staying at home with my little extrovert. We are around each other all day, every day. I’m trying to find balance, a way to meet both our needs, while still completing housework, finding time to work, and investing in Phoebe’s education. Here are some things I’m learning, and some areas where I am struggling… (more…)

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Ordinary Storytelling

Tea time with Phoebe

We trade stories over tea.

“Mama, tell me a story.”

“Ok. Do you have a request?”

She thinks. “Tell: ‘Little Baby Phoebe and Scooter’ story.”


Once upon a time there was a little baby. She lived in her Mama’s belly and grew bigger and bigger. Mama’s belly grew bigger and bigger, too! And Scooter, the cat, loved to sit on Mama’s big belly. (more…)

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