The joy of my heart

I find myself caught up in adorable moments, full of laughter and silliness; suddenly I realize my mind isn’t deep enough to bottle up each nuance of glee. Oh. There is so much happiness. And it passes through my fingers like water. And I know I shouldn’t try to capture it…I should embrace it and set it free. But that’s hard to do, because sometimes I’m so happy it makes me sad…sad because I wonder if I’ll ever be this happy again. ^_^ The Greater Truth is that we experience slices of heaven on earth, and there is fullness of joy to be found in God. My heart opens and closes, like a baby’s eyes open and close while waking from a dream. I still have fears to overcome, and my faith muscle still has growing to do. But…in the meantime…I’m grateful for these moments. My day is punctuated by smiles. And in this I find peace.By Erin

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One Response to The joy of my heart

  1. Emmysmum February 12, 2013 at 1:52 am #

    Beautiful, Erin! There’s such a danger in protecting ourselves from the intense moments of joy and delight in case things “go wrong”, I think? So we not only protect ourselves from pain, but limit the joy be mistake? You’ve inspired me today to grab hold of joy-filled moments. Thankyou.