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Penelope Trunk blog: What It Means When Homeschooling Feels Lonely
Enfants Terribles, Issue 10, Educate/Imaginate: Featured Artist
Wildling Magazine, Volume 2: Feature about my life as an artist and mother (Print magazine available here.)
Megan Gray Arts: Creative Mother’s series
Little Big blog: Guest Photographer

Guest Posts

Penelope Trunk is one of my favorite bloggers. Her writings about homeschooling and unschooling challenge the way I think about the Big Picture of education. Here you will not find a typical homeschooling blog riddled with printables and lesson suggestions. Rather, Penelope addresses meaningful, everyday issues in a way that helps me believe in homeschooling on a fundamental level.

It has been my honor to contribute on Penelope’s blog as a guest writer. You can read my posts here:

Why Gen Y doesn’t homeschool
What’s a parent’s role in unschooling?
Unschooling starts the day your child is born
Self-directed learning is more fun with parent intimacy
Homeschooling is not just for rich people
How to quit your job so you can homeschool
Review of the documentary: Class Dismissed
How to do preschool with one child and no stuff
Teach passion by modeling passion

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