Fall/Winter 2024 Wholesale Catalogue

Hello Shop Owner!

I bring you queer merchandise and LGBT+ art that suits your shop year round.

The Fall/Winter 2024 Darling Illustrations Wholesale catalogue is here!

Are you curious about carrying my series of Affectionate Animals in your store? Terrific! I have stickers, note cards and art prints of my watercolor illustrations, and I’d love to send my treasures out for you to share with your local community.

In addition, this wholesale catalogue brings you 12 new seasonal greeting cards!

View the Wholesale Catalogue at this link.


I take wholesale orders exclusively through email.

Email your order to me at hello@darlingillustrations.com.

If this is our first time working together, please tell me a little about your shop when you place your order. It is important to me to get to know the businesses I am working with!


Please read the terms and conditions and let me know if you have any questions or concerns before placing your order.

Placement of your order acknowledges that you’ve read and understood the terms and conditions.


You can find my list of current and up-and-coming shops on my stocklist page.


Take a look at my pdf wholesale catalogue (updated July 2024) and email your order to me at hello@darlingillustrations.com.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Our staff and their partners have been so moved by this collection. Even one of our youngest employees who is not a member of the queer community started to *get it* when he saw the side-by-sides of the original photographs. This is a really beautiful and important collection, and I hope you feel proud of this work because I think it is interpreting and preserving the history of the queer community in really inspiring and fun ways. Thank you for working with us and for being as stoked as we are.

Kelsey Riker
Shop Owner
Kindred Post, Juneau, AK

At some recent bookstore pop-ups, several customers said they not only loved the illustrations but were enamored with your process of drawing from historical photos. The queer community in Portland, Maine, is a huge fan!

Ash Holland
Shop Owner
The Lucky Fox Bookshop, Portland, ME

Erin has networked with us at PCAF, formerly known as Pierce County AIDS Foundation, on our gender identity and gender expression art shows and remains one of our more popular gallery artists. Erin continues to fundraise for us through her artwork and serves as a consistent donor. Her artwork and networking have increased our engagement with youth for HIV testing and PrEP navigation. No small tasks.

Jill A Frey
Mission and Arts Supervisor
PCAF, Tacoma, WA