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Many Thanks to the following Treasured Few for supporting my Patreon at the top tiers!

  • Eldon & Carol Newton
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Here are some of the perks that you can gain access to…


All my Patreon supporters get access to special Patron-only channels on my discord server where they get to see updates on new projects before anyone else.


Most of my Patreon supporters join for my monthly downloads! For 2024, I am sharing a calendar download each month, featuring my original character, Calico Jill.

Calico Jill is a character that is near and dear to my heart. She is a little mouse pirate who lands in a new city and is in search of golden treasure: cheese! She runs into obstacles and makes friends, finding a sense of community along the way.

I have written and illustrated 3 out of 6 chapters of her story, and you can read those on my Patreon, as well. Someday I hope to publish the entire tale as a storybook, and your support on Patreon will help to make that a reality!


My Patreon supporters have the unique opportunity to give me art prompts that I use when I’m doing my warm up sketches. Here are some peeks into my sketchbook, to give you an idea of what kinds of results you might get with these art prompts.

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  • Behind the scenes look at new projects and my creative process.
  • Printable downloads of my 2024 calendar, with a new page released each month.
  • A public Thank You for the highest tiers of patrons.
  • Send me art prompts and see what I sketch for you!

I am a full time queer artist and single mom who works out of Tacoma, WA. Your support will enable me to keep making new stories and creating new art for years to come. Thank you for being a part of making that dream a reality and  sign up for my Patreon today!