Meet Calico Jill

My current project is a story about a little mouse pirate named Calico Jill who lands in a new city and is in search of golden treasure: cheese! She runs into obstacles and makes friends, finding a sense of community along the way.

The story is being released as a zine and new chapters to the story come out each month.

Meet the cast of characters!

Calico Jill is a pirate who sails the seas in search of adventure.

Dusty the Rat is a bait shop owner. He lives and works down by the docks.

Rita Racoon is the owner of a recycling and reuse shop.

Dana the Chipmunk maintains a garden so that he can feed feed people in his community.

More characters coming in chapter 4!

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Odds & Ends Emporium, Colorado Springs


King’s Books, Tacoma

Teaching Toys and Books, Tacoma

Tinkertopia, Tacoma

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