Week 33 – For the Love of Cauliflower

mrwetzel42 eating cauliflowerWhen you are at the mercy of the seasons, each time one of your favorite foods comes into season, it seems like a miracle.  In the summer, I feel this way about raspberries. I can never eat enough of them: raw, in baked dishes, or fresh off the vine.  This week, the Wetzels celebrate cauliflower.

Mr. Wetzel doesn’t naturally like many vegetables, but one produce species he can never get enough of is cauliflower. As a wife, I try to encourage and support good eating habits in my former-bachelor, so I have always tried to get cauliflower for Mr. Wetzel whenever it is available.  When we started the CSA, we knew we’d be changing our eating habits to coincide with what produce was available each season, so that meant less cauliflower for us during most of the year.

But that also means that – when cauliflower is in season – we pig out.

You’ll notice that this week we have a ton of cauliflower in our share, but not much else. Our CSA has a wonderful grab box where you can switch out something you don’t like with something you do…and whenever other share members use the box, the available foods in it change according to what people do/don’t want that week. This week we struck white gold: there were several heads of cauliflower in the trade box, and we gleefully swapped them for our onions, parsnips and chard.

I like it that eating seasonally has created a greater appreciation within us for the foods we eat, and even for the foods we love.  We don’t take our fruits and veggies for granted, but we are voracious for them each moment they grace us with their presence. CSA eating is eating in the moment. Seize the veggies by their stalks, and indulge! Some of them only come this way once a year. If you’re too busy wandering the polished and changeless grocery aisles, you might miss the opportunity to find true culinary excitement.

By ekwetzel

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