Week 37 – Slacker, Part 1

Ok. So, here’s the deal. This is week 37 with the CSA, which means it’s week 37 of my pregnancy. And – frankly – I’ve had more important things on my mind than the meaning of my food. I want to get these pics out there, but if I sit around waiting for a blog idea to pop into my head, it’ll never happen. So: here’s your pic for week 37 (March 15th – 21st). And I’ll also make a similar post for Week 38 (March 22nd – 28th).

I will have things to say about CSA food in the future. But the future is not now. ;o) And right now, this is what I have to offer you.

week 37 csa ekwetzel farm foodWEEK 37

Red Potatoes
A LOT of Apples (yum!!!)
Romaine Lettuce
Bok Choi
Mixed Salad Greens

By ekwetzel

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