Join The Reusable Revolution: My Collaboration with Bee Eco Wraps!

Did you know that “littering” wasn’t a thing until corporations started blaming consumers for the messes they created? I know. When I first heard about this, it blew my mind.

Why do we package our most perishable items with materials that take centuries to biodegrade? It’s not enough to rinse and sort and recycle our garbage. We are still making so much waste that the countries who used to process it for us have started turning us away.

So what can we do?

We can be aware of the impact our purchases have on our environment, instead of consuming indiscriminately.

We can develop habits to counteract the practices of large corporations, choosing products with a smaller eco-footprint.

We can support small, eco-friendly businesses who care about making the world a more sustainable place.

That is why I was thrilled to collaborate last year with Bee Eco Wraps to create a line of reusable wraps featuring my artwork!  These bees wax wraps are a beautiful and sustainable way to store food without using disposable plastic wrap.

I just added a collection of these wraps to my online shop. When I brought these wraps to my last events, they sold out in under two days, so if you think you might want a packet, I encourage you to shop now before they’re gone!

Shop here!

If you like the words that I write or the art that I paint and you want me to create more, please buy something from my shop and support me on Patreon. Thank you.

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