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Amberly & Chris in Wright Park: Family Maternity Session PART TWO

I recently did my first photo session EVER with my dear friend, Amberly. She and her partner, Chris, are expecting a baby this August, and we snapped some photos of their blended family before the littlest member arrives. I posted my initial photos, all taken with my iPhone 4S, in a previous post. In addition to my iPhone, I also used my old school SLR camera to take black and white photographs. I just go the film back from processing yesterday. Here are my favorites from the roll…


By Erin


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Amberly & Chris in Wright Park: Family Maternity Session

I recently shot my first photo session. Ever. I webt to Wright Park in Tacoma, WA, with my dear friend, Amberly, and her beautiful blended family: her son, her partner, Chris, and his two kids. The sixth member of their family is due any day now!
For the family session, I shot with an old school SLR camera, but supplemented with my iPhone 4S. Here are my favorites from the iPhone photos (I have yet to get the developped film back). By Erin

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