The Demanding Muse

I was supposed to rest today; but, when I awoke, I emerged from fitful sleep.

In my dreams I had been painting.

Body aching, I lay in bed. My eyebrows pinched as I adjusted my shoulder blades, and I considered how so much of life is pain, but it really isn’t all that bad.

Meanwhile, my muse hounded me, interrupting my every thought, beckoning. So, like a good friend, I followed.

I took two ibprofin, put on David Bowie, and everything vanished except for the dark smear of paint on wooden panels.

I became the brush.

I became the water.

I became the bend in the light.

That’s when I understood what Mary Oliver meant when she said that “I would go on living, whether I willed it or not.” And I didn’t even think about my back anymore or my hunger or the songs that played on repeat while the afternoon faded to dusk.

It was just me and the necessity of following my muse as it said yes.*


*This writing was infused with the poem “Pink Moon: The Pond” by Mary Oliver certain lines were lifted in their entirety, including “I would go on living, whether I willed it or not” and “as it said yes.” You can find the original poem in the book Twelve Moons or you can read it here.

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