Week 40 – Distracted by Baby’s Absence

Our baby was due this week, and I was distracted with other things, so I did not post the picture in time.Sometimes, in order to follow through on things, you have to be willing to change your expectations. I expected to have profound things to say every week about how we feel about our food. Sometimes, some weeks, you are so full of emotions for new things, and your old passions simply take a sideline. We are meant to grow and mature like this; and it is healthy to not obsess about keeping on top of everything that used to be so important to us. After all, the food is there to serve our needs, pleasures and desires: the food was created for us, not us for the food.

So: here you go! Foods from Week 40 with our CSA:

csa spring terry's berries Carrots
Bok Choi
Spring Greens

By ekwetzel

One Response to Week 40 – Distracted by Baby’s Absence

  1. Roberta May 10, 2011 at 12:07 pm #

    Hi there … I’m rmu_1967 that started following you on twitter today. We have a local CSA garden but don’t participate in it. Initially you could pay 250.00 and be a working shareholder, which meant that you had to donate 6 hours of your time each week to the garden. OR you could pay 500.00 and not work and just go and pick up your stuff. The paying 500 and not working it was ideal for me as a homeschool mom of 2 boys. We are so busy that I just didnt have the 6 hours to spare in my week. But she changed it and now you HAVE to work to join, so we didnt re-join.

    We are having our 2nd annual Farm to Fork dinner here. I donate eggs and goats milk to the local chef who whips up this wonderful meal of locally grown goodies. This is a new grassroots effort here in our town. I was really excited about it when it began and was helping to get it going, but the lady who spear heads it all has started being rather greedy and unethical as to how she is doing things and I’m not crazy about that. I am thinking that I will just work at selling my things on my own.

    My goats will be kidding soon. It’s always fun to have new babies, but then the work of milking twice a day begins. Anyway, just wanted to drop you a comment. I enjoy your blog and see that we have much in common ….. except I’m old and your young …. LOL !!!