52 Weeks with My CSA

The Tale of One Family’s Commitment to Local Agriculture

Mr. Wetzel and I are members of a CSA program. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, and there are many of these programs across the country. Once a week, I drive to Terry’s Berries, an organic farm in Southeast Tacoma, and pick up a couple bags of fresh produce. The way it works at Terry’s Berries is that we prepay for a season (summer, autumn, winter, spring), then come to the farm once a week to pick up whatever has been growing well that week. Terry also coordinates with other Washington and Oregon farms to offer a wider selection of local produce than what her farm is able to grow alone.

We started as members of the CSA program last autumn, and I am often asked by family and friends what kinds of foods I get from the share. In response, I am starting this blog series to answer that question: 52 Weeks with My CSA: One Family’s Commitment to Local Agriculture. I will post, once a week, a photo of our take home from the farm, as well as chronicle  how the experience affects our family.

Incidentally, after I started this project, Mr. Wetzel and I discovered we were pregnant with our first child, and our pregnancy just happened to line up exactly with this CSA blog! I write about this is the post for Week 12 with the CSA, when we were also 12 weeks pregnant. I will often refer to the developments of the pregnancy, and how the baby has had a huge impact on our food choices over the year.

Are you looking for a CSA in your neck of the woods? Here are some tips on finding a farm close to you:
(1) Check out the Local Harvest website at localharvest.org for listings of CSAs
(2) Visit your local farmer’s market and ask the vendors if they sell directly from the farm
(3) If you see a roadside farm stand, stop and talkto someone about picking up produce on a regular basis

Feel free to send me any questions that you may have.

WEEK 0: Prelude

WEEK 1: July 6th-12th

WEEK 2: July 13th-19th

WEEK 3: July 20th-26th

WEEK 4: Jul27th-Aug2nd

WEEK 5: August 3rd-9th

WEEK 6: Aug 10th-16th

WEEK 7: Aug 17th-23rd

WEEK 8: Aug 24th-30th

WEEK 9: Aug 31st-Sep 6th

WEEK 10:Sept 7th-13th

WEEK 11: Sept 14th-20th

WEEK 12: Sept 21st-27th

WEEK 13: Sept 28-Oct 4th

WEEK 14: Oct 5th-11th

WEEK 15: Oct 12th - 18th

csa organic local localvore farmer food farm

WEEK 16: Oct 19th-25th

csa localvore october food veggies

WEEK 17: Oct26th-Nov1st

WEEK 18: Nov 2nd-8th

CSA food local organic

WEEK 19: Nov 9th-15th

csa veggies root localvore

WEEK 20: Nov 16th-22nd

csa food fall 2010

WEEK 21: Nov 23rd-29th

csa winter acorn squash

WEEK 22: Nov 30-Dec 6

csa food organic washington

WEEK 23: Dec 7th-13th

csa food winter tacoma brussels sprouts

WEEK 24: Dec 14th-20th

csa winter december food organic

WEEKS 25 & 26

csa farm food tacoma

WEEK 27: Jan 4th-10th

csa washington PNW veggies bok choi

WEEK 28: Jan 11th-17th

csa winter root veggies PNW

WEEK 29: Jan 18th-24th

winter csa terry's berries

WEEK 30: Jan 25th-31st

terry's berries csa winter

WEEK 31: Feb 1st-7th

CSA terry's berries

WEEK 32: Feb 8th-14th

csa terry's berries

WEEK 33: Feb 15th-21st

csa terry's berries tacoma

Week 34: Feb 22nd-28th

csa terry's berries

WEEK 35: Mar 1st-7th

csa spring greens terry's berries

WEEK 36: Mar 8th-14th

week 37 csa ekwetzel farm food

WEEK 37: Mar 15th-21st

csa food week 38

WEEK 38: Mar 22nd-28th

csa terry's berries organic food

WEEK 39: Mar 29 - Apr 4

csa spring terry's berries

WEEK 40: Apr 5th-11th

week 41 terry's berries april

WEEK 41: Apr 12th-18th

week 42 csa terry's berries

WEEK 42: Apr 19th-25th

csa terriy's berries organic spring produce

WEEK 43: Apr 26-May 2

csa terriy's berries organic spring produce

WEEK 44: May 3rd-9th

csa terriy's berries organic spring produce

WEEK 45: May 10th-16th

csa rhubarb speing greens

WEEK 46: May 17th-23rd

week 47 ekwetzel terries berries blog

WEEK 47: May 24th-30th

csa spring terry's berries organic

WEEK 48: May 31-Jun 6

csa terry's berries organic summer produce

WEEK 49: Jun 7th-13th

WEEK 50: June 14th-20th

csa local harvest pnw

WEEK 51: June 21st-27th

csa pnw local harvest organic

WEEK 52: June 28-July 4