How To Protect Women in Hijab

A hijab is not an accessory. It is an essential article of clothing, like a shirt. It is not ok to forcibly remove a hijab off a woman. If you see this happen, please protect the victim.

Here is how a woman can help:

1. Cover the woman’s head with a coat, shawl or article of clothing.
2. Hug her in comfort.
3. Do not confront the attacker.
4. Help the woman get away from the situation to safety.

Here is how a man can help:

1. Avoid looking at the woman’s hair.
2. Avoid touching the woman.
3. Offer words of encouragement and support.
4. Offer your jacket, or something for her to cover her head.
5. Help escort the woman to safety.

Please understand that the victim will be shaken and may not be welcoming towards you. Still give her something to cover herself and stand at a distance until you are sure she’s in safe hands.

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Protect Women In Hijab
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The information in this post was originally found on Tumblr. Many thanks to users soul-angelos, sarsbabe77 & raphaelsdumort for adding to this thread and consenting to support this flyer.

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  1. Jessica from Down Under October 14, 2017 at 7:03 am #

    Thank you for your humanity – as a Muslim of almost a decade and a half, it was deeply encouraging to read this post 🙂