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Calico Jill Discovers a Community Garden

Community Garden Art

Calico Jill and the Search for Cheese – Chapter 3

If you’ve been following along with Calico Jill’s adventures, you will know that she spent many months at sea before making port in a city, in search of cheese. She searched. And she searched. And at this juncture of her adventure, she happens upon Dana the chipmunk, a little gardener who has produced so much food on his little plot of land that he wants to share it with others. (more…)

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Chapter 2 of Calico Jill and the Search For Cheese is HERE!

Meet Rita Racoon

In Chapter 2, Calico Jill meets a new character, Rita Racoon! Rita owns a local shop where she recycles and reuses things other people would have thrown away. She has a bit of a cantankerous attitude, but she is fond of peppy little Calico Jill nonetheless, and helps her on her treasure hunt.

Here are a few more Facts About Rita Racoon: (more…)

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Introducing: Calico Jill and the Search For Cheese

I have a new project to share with you: Calico Jill and the Search For Cheese! It is a story that I am writing and illustrating, filled with original characters and inspired by the Puget Sound region. It tells the adventures of a little mouse pirate who explores an urban downtown in search of golden treasure, and that “treasure” is cheese! It is a storybook about coming together in community and building a life together, a folk tale in a contemporary setting. I invite you to follow along Calico Jill’s travels with me! (more…)

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